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Moceri Construction Leading in Sustainability 


Moceri Construction strives to always build with sustainability in mind, by building homes that stand the test of time. We believe that the most sustainable practice we can have is to build homes and buildings that will be used for generations to come making even those slow growing resources renewable. In addition, a focus on the latest trends in building allows us to build with as little impact as possible. During construction we do this by recycling building material, buying sustainably grown lumber, buying local, and using advanced framing techniques. After we leave the site the impact can stay low by installing:

  • Geothermal heating 

  • Solar panels 

  • Wind turbines 

  • Improved insulation 

  • LED lighting 

  • Gray water systems 

  • Energy efficient appliances 

  • LEED 

  • Built Green 

  • Energy Star 

  • Green Roof 

  • Rain Water catchment 

  • Constructed wetlands 

  • Passive Solar heating

With years of experience and a dedicated sustainability specialist, Moceri Construction is here to assist you with your next sustainable project.  



To learn more about Green Building in Bellingham, WA visit the City of Bellingham website

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