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Mission Statement: To assume primary responsibility to supervise construction of a single project under direct supervision of a Project Manager, while also functioning as a Lead Carpenter.  Site Superintendents also will be responsible for occasionally bidding projects or parts of projects.

Expected to:

  • Assume primary responsibility to schedule work, order material, and coordinate and direct subcontractors in order to maximize efficiency in completing a project.

  • Work 40 hours per week on the job doing supervision and carpentry work.

  • Set an example for the crew in terms of punctuality, professionalism, quality, and pace of production.

  • Cultivate a positive attitude and high morale among all workers on the job site.

  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of building materials, techniques and code requirements.

  • Perform all duties and provide all tools required of a lead carpenter, as needed.

  • Maintain open and frequent communication with the job Owner and the Project Manager.

  • Fill out weekly job progress reports.

  • Perform material take-offs, order materials, schedule and receive deliveries.

  • Coordinate and oversee subcontractor work.

  • Keep accurate and up-to-date records: daily logs, changes and additions, inspection reports, etc.

  • Coordinate scheduling of Moceri manpower with the Project Manager.

  • Identify any potential change order work; obtain Owner’s written authorization on a change order request form, or Project Manager’s verbal approval before proceeding with work.

  • Track all change orders and verify that all relevant materials and labor for change orders are properly reported.

  • Assume primary responsibility for safety on each job site, including conducting and documenting weekly safety meetings.

  • Assume primary responsibility for Moceri tools and equipment on the job site.

  • Be responsible for daily cleanup of job sites.

  • Assist in bidding new jobs.

  • Supervise and evaluate lead carpenters, carpenters, and laborers.

  • Orient new employees.

  • Fulfill all expectations of the Lead Carpenter and Carpenter as described in the job description.

  • Do whatever it takes to get the job done!

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