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Expected to:

  • Have a working knowledge of building materials, techniques, and code requirements.

  • Be able to complete an assigned task independently and without further supervision.

  • Work on foundations, framing, siding, trim, and other components of standard residential construction.  At times it may be necessary to run a shovel or a broom, or perform other laborer-type tasks -- whatever it takes to keep the job running.

  • Work 40 hours per week on assigned projects with or without supervision

  • Represent Moceri Construction in a professional manner to owners, architects, and subcontractors

  • Read, understand, and build from plans.

  • Fill out time cards in a neat, accurate, and timely manner.

  • Be aware of safety concerns.

  • Complete first aid training and to keep a current card.

  • Have knowledge of power and water shut-offs on the job site.

  • Provide transportation to and from the job site.

  • Provide the following tools:

    • Professional "skil" saw

    • Approved 50 ft. extension cord

    • Hammer appropriate to the task assigned

    • Headphones (ear protection) and safety glasses

    • Any other hand tool necessary to complete the task

    • Rain gear

    • Belt and pouches

    • 25 ft. tape measure

    • Chalk box and chalk

    • Carpenter's square​

If you are interested in applying for a position with Moceri Construction, please complete the application below and either email, fax, or bring it into the office.
MCI Application
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