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Dear Paul,


I want to congratulate you, your office, and your crew for the wonderful job done on the renovation and addition to the clients residence. I am most grateful to many members of your organization without whom the beautiful realization of the project design would have not been possible. In particular, thank Rick and Todd for their care, patience and expertise with the construction of the clients home.


Moceri Construction was instrumental in so many phases of the project from bidding and permits through construction. I applaud your willingness to find areas for cost savings without sacrificing any of the design intention. I felt from the start that Moceri Construction was as committed as I to the design of this project, because I believed that Moceri Construction understood the nature of the existing architecture, the materials and the site.


Your Guidance through the hurdles with the over-worked Building Department enabled the project to get off to an earlier start than originally thought possible. Because of the incremental approach to the construction permits, and the commitment of a huge crew, you were able to make up time in the beginning of the construction such that the overall project was brought back to the time table the clients had desired from the start.


All of the sub-contractors involved with this project were as conscientious as your own crew in providing their services to the overall project. I appreciate the attention to placement of equipment, registers and outlets, and found that Moceri Construction was always a step ahead of the sub-contractor's in that determination and reviewed any questions with me. I believe there was only one register in the whole project that needed to be moved.


I found it a pleasure to work with Todd in the field as his questions and suggestions were always in tune with the project's design goals, and fortunately, few and far between. The relationship between the architect and builder can be difficult, especially with 3,000 miles in between, but I was very pleased with the collaboration we were able to foster during this six month project. I only wish I had another project to work on with you again.


Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, and best of luck with any and all future endeavors.
Yours truly,

A Happy Architect

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